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www.chicway.ca belongs to Farm To House Transimport (2009) and it is the online store located in the city of Brampton,Ontario Provinceof Canada. We are in the business to bring to the Canadian Market high quality products into the line of waisttrainers, fitness belts, latex and powernet corsets, 100% made in Colombia, Bethel’s,  brand has been the model chosen because quality, presentation and experience of twenty years in the corsets confection’s business.  

Very important information for purchasing  corsets and power trainer

Since this is a personal garment we do not allow exchanges We recommend using the waist measurement chart that we offer on our Website as well as having the height of each person present, especially for the Luxury Edition   and Latex products.

 If you are in the border of two different sizes, you will need to take the next size for the above products mentioned, thereason; they are confectioned with tough and finest material that become to them hardly for handling if you want to use a very tide size. Our waisttrainers will come in three or two rows of hooks for your best and more durable time using this product.

For the Latex, Powernet, please adjust according to the weight of each person and their height using the chart offered on the Web for these products.

In this first moment you will find too a second line of products; such as fashion jewellery which are purchasing and shipping directly from the Korean and Chinese market, a dedicate process that only is l finished, when your satisfaction is granted.

Is our target the customer can find here a whole complement for emphasize her beautiful and chic figure.

Helpful Tips.

If you experience any type of discomfort when using this article, stop using it and check with your dermatologist. Do not use girdles that are too tight on your body.  Remember that the skin is another organ and your pores need space to breathe.

 The use of any girdle requires progressive training of no more than two hourson the first day, until you can use it as another component in your usual daily dressing

Girdle Maintenance  for our Corset and Waisttrainer  :

a)  Fasten your girdle from top to bottom.

 b) Do not use creams on your body when using the girdle because the material will lose its resistance. The correct way is to use creams after using the girdle to retighten the tissues and your skin can stay soft and firm.

 c) Be careful with long nails, rings and pins, because they can damage your girdle.

 d) Wash it on the flannel side with a soft plastic brush and with shampoo, do not expose to the sun, use plastic hangers and when dry add talcum. Remember that your sweat contains salt and other substances eliminated  if you do not maintain proper hygiene on the waisttrainer or corset , it will release unpleasant odors.

e) That is why we recommend having two garments, that way it does not interrupt the treatment of the girdle while being washed.

Product Advantages
(1)Our Corsets, waisttrainers  and fitness belts line is elaborated with products 100% made in Colombian, here you could find different models or  products for different   functions  and moment s of your life.                                                                            .
(2) In our Jewellery a variety of Workmanship, platinum plated, 18k gold plated, 24k gold plated etc.

(3) Multi-style, classic, romantic, trendy, casual / sporty.

(4)   Good materials, such as the crystal used are high quality Austrian crystals

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